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Nutritional Health 
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Registered Dietitian, Paediatric Specialist
Carine Henry RD

Hello, from Carine Henry RD

Carine Henry is a Paediatric Dietitian registered with and regulated by the Health Care and Professions Council and has been working with children and families for 30 years. Carine offers nutritional assessment and dietary treatment for diet-related conditions and diet-related behaviour change. She is a member of the British Dietetic Association’s Paediatric, Food Allergy and Mental Health Groups.

Carine offers virtual appointments and online workshops, and face-to-face consultations in her Cambridge clinic.

Step-by-Step Guide
Booking an Appointment

Exploratory Chat

Exploratory Chat

Book a 15-minute FOC exploratory chat and decide whether Carine is a good fit for your needs. Carine will advise on the most suitable Nutritional Assessment.

Book An Appointment

Book An Appointment

All first appointments are nutritional assessment at 75 or 90 minutes. All review appointments are 30 or 60 minutes.

Read, Pay, Receive

Read, Pay, Receive

Read Terms, pay securely, and receive your receipt/appointment details by email. You will be prompted to complete a personal information form.

Read FAQs

Read FAQs

Check out the FAQs about the appointment, Terms or Health Insurance.

Report & Review

Report & Review

Following the appointment, and booking your 15-minute telephone review, you will receive your summary report by email, together with any resources discussed.

Online Workshops for
Happier, Healthier Mealtimes!

Carine offers accessible online workshops on a variety of topics, designed to provide a space alongside others to listen, learn, share, practice and develop tools and strategies for nutritional health.

Client Success Stories Inspiring Results

We were unable to access a paediatric dietitian on the NHS or the eating disorder service and Carine was recommended by a friend. She was genuinely sensitive and helpful in her assessment and practical meal planning. Seeing Carine has made all the difference for my daughter, and the quick and easy access to her services made it all less stressful.

Mum of 15 year-old, disordered eating, low weight

Carine is very approachable, responds quickly to queries and soon becomes a friend. She knows how teenagers tick and when to stop giving them advice. We were very lucky to meet Carine on our journey with disordered thoughts on eating and know she can help many others with all her sensible, practical advice.

15-year-old, food restriction, weight loss

You were incredibly supportive of us to as parents. It was so reassuring to talk to someone who was non-judgmental, understanding and really focused on our child. What I really liked was that you didn't just address the physical issues, but supported us fully on the psychological as well - you gave holistic, practical and helpful advice on our daughter’s constipation. I now feel like she is feeling empowered to go to the toilet on her own, and we are well on track and so thank you!

Mother of 6-year-old with constipation, anxiety and soiling

My baby had some allergic reactions after eating, and I was terrified to continue weaning. Carine investigated his history in depth and incorporated her extensive knowledge of child food allergies to make a plan with me and to provide helpful referrals and resources. Ever since making contact with her, I’ve felt completely supported. My son is doing great, and I’m immensely grateful for everything she’s done for us!

8-month-old with multiple food allergies

We've seen Carine on a regular basis to guide us through the weaning process and advise on infant nutrition. She's extremely knowledgeable, personable and offers very practical advice. With so much conflicting information about weaning and infant feeding, it's been really useful for us to receive expert and personalised advice when we've needed it.

Parents of first baby, no health conditions

You were the first person who listened and actually observed our son's feeding behaviour. You helped us with a swift diagnosis of delayed Cow's Milk Allergy and your logical approach put things in perspective for us at a time when we really needed it.

7-month-old with feeding difficulties and undiagnosed CMA

We booked an appointment with Carine when baby daughter refused to eat and started to lose weight. We were pretty anxious during our first visit but Carine immediately put us at ease. She was incredibly insightful and straightaway hit on what we now know to be the nub of the problem. Within a few days of our first appointment our daughter started to eat again and now, several months down the line, has a much better relationship with food. Carine is incredibly knowledgeable, practical and clearly loves her job. We can’t recommend her enough!

8-month-old with food refusal, growth faltering

Looking back at our first appointment with Carine, it's clear that this was the turning point in resolving our son's feeding difficulties and her advice has shaped the care he then received from our local NHS services. For this we will always be so grateful.

15-month-old with feeding difficulties and growth faltering

Carine was fantastic, she carefully listened to all our worries and suggested a sensible plan. With her help we feel confident that our son has a nutritionally balanced diet, despite his intolerances. We’re now getting a full nights sleep and our son is thriving. We can’t thank her enough.

6-month-old with cow’s milk allergy

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