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portion sizes for your toddler

How confident do you feel about portion sizes for your toddler?  In a recent survey from the Infant & Toddler Form, 73% of mums felt that they their toddlers were not eating enough.  Toddlers appetites vary depending on how they feel, what’s on offer, how tired they are  Some days there is no feeding them.  Fussy eating and food refusal during the toddler years is a great cause for concern with parents, but it is a normal part of childhood development. Toddlers can be be tricky feeders at mealtimes, with food refusal gaining attention and often resulting in a battle of wills.  Use this portion size guide to help guide you.

Can giving toddlers large portions cause excess weight gain and obesity?
Large portion sizes for toddler meals are linked to obesity development says another recent survey.  There is however no single cause for obesity, just as there is no single correct portion size for toddler. Meal times are good opportunities to eat nutritious food, and portion sizes of nutritious food should not be limited.  Foods high in fats and sugars, deep fried and battered should be kept to a minimum, as these are very high in calories and do contribute to obesity if eaten regularly. But, it’s often the food eaten outside of mealtimes that is high in calories with low nutritional value.  For all you worried mum’s out there, its good to know that nutrient deficiencies are rare in the UK, and children who are eating a variety of foods from the 5 food groups will not need a vitamin supplement.

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