making mealtimes better

Making Mealtimes Better : Structure, Nurture & Boundaries

Accessible and full of sensible evidence-based information to support feeding young children well, Making Mealtimes Better is on-line workshop series is designed for parents/carers of young children with a variety of food-related behaviours. Delivered by Carine Henry RD, paediatric specialist dietitian, with 30 years of practice working with children and families, in areas of feeding difficulties, growth faltering and tummy troubles.

Making Mealtimes Better provides a space alongside others to listen, learn, share, practice and develop tools and select strategies to make every mealtime better. Carine uses themes of Structure, Nurture and Boundaries to guide topics including:

  • meeting your child’s nutritional needs : key nutrients and food groups
  • expanding food experience : where you are now, next steps and forward planning
  • giving right attention to food and feeding
  • learning to enjoy food and feeding : agency and satisfaction
  • awareness of how emotions impact food, feeding and caring/parenting

Making Mealtimes Better is intended for young children with heightened sensitivity to foods and feeding, and whose where nutritional wellbeing and growth may be compromised, such as those experiencing :

  • food refusal, feeding aversion, food fears, feeding anxieties
  • prolonged difficulty with expanding to mixed textures of food
  • difficulty introducing new foods and & limited experience of a range of foods
  • prolonged illness at developmentally important phases in feeding
  • highly selective eating and sensory difficulties
  • tantrums at the table, difficult feeding behaviours

Applying mindfulness to parenting is about parenting intentionally, and working with being the parent you’d like to be. It is non-judgemental in nature, curious, forgiving and loving. Mindful parenting helps young children to learn emotional self regulation’s and benefits parent too with higher levels of parenting satisfaction.  A skill that can be developed through repeated practice, mindful parenting improves all  interactions with your children, including food, feeding and eating related experiences.